Red River is committed to preventing all accidents.

A safe workplace is fundamental to our success and to the wellbeing of our employees, contractors and visitors. We are committed to achieving a workplace that is free from harm and supported by a culture which ensures safety is an absolute priority.

To achieve these aims Red River will:

  • Meets and strives to exceed statutory requirements and industry standards;
  • Ensures leadership is the key driver of zero accident culture;
  • Rigorously identiļ¬es and control risks;
  • Regularly communicates and consults with stakeholders, including contractors and, as appropriate, local communities;
  • Is actively involved in the development of practices and procedures;
  • Undertakes training and preparedness which is critical to a safe workplace;
  • Continually seeks to improve safety management systems and risk management practices; and
  • Recognises that everyone’s involvement in health and safety is essential.