The Mt. Windsor Volcanic Belt, located south of Charters Towers, in Central Queensland, is one of the most prospective geological provinces for volcanic hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) mineralisation in Australia. The initial discovery in Belt was made in 1905 (Liontown) and a number of deposits were discovered in a 15 year period, from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s, driven by an increase in exploration activity, triggered by the discovery of Thalanga.

There are multiple VHMS deposit types present in the Belt, such as:

  • Highway Reward (3.8Mt @ 6.2% Cu & 1g/t Au): Pipe like massive sulphide (pyrite & chalcopyrite/chalcocite)
  • Thalanga (7.0Mt @ 2.5% Cu, 3.7% Pb, 11.7% Zn, 0.6g/t Au & 98g/t Ag): Stratiform lenses of banded copper, lead and zinc sulphides

The last major discovery (Reward) was made in 1987 – there has been no recent exploration undertaken with objective to methodically explore Belt and discover additional VHMS mineralisation

Major Discoveries in the Mt Windsor Volcanic Belt

Deposit Year Discovered Total Sulphide Content Geometry Technique
Liontown 1905 Low Tabular Gold prospectors Pb/Zn mineralisation discovered in 1951
Highway 1953 Oxidised Pipe-like Gossan discovery
Warrawee 1974 Low Lens-shaped Stream sediment geochemistry
Thalanga 1975 High Tabular Conceptual geology, gossan search
Handcuff 1981 Low Lens-shaped Cu, Pb, Zn soil geochem, regional geology
Magpie 1981 High Lens-shaped Gossan discovery Ground EM, soil geochem
Thalanga East 1981 High Tabular RAB drilling bedrock/Campaspe geochem
Waterloo 1985 Low Lens-shaped RAB drilling & regional geology/Campaspe geochem
Reward 1987 High Pipe-like Regional geology/RAB geochem

Source: Beams, S.D. (1993) Polymetallic massive sulphide exploration case histories Mt Windsor Volcanic Belt, North Queensland in Geological Society of Australia Field Excursion Guidebook: Guide to the Economic Geology of the Charters Towers region, northeastern Queensland, pp75-81

Red River currently holds approximately 400km2 of tenements in the Mt Windsor Belt, and these are divided into four project areas: Thalanga, Liontown-Waterloo, Truncheon and Ermine.

Project Tenements Area (km2)
Thalanga EPM 16929, EPM 10582 100
Liontown-Waterloo EPM 14161, EPMA 25815 95
Truncheon EPM 10582 6
Ermine EPM 12766, EPMA 25815 12
NRE JV EPM 18470, EPM 18471 and EPM 18713 200

Red River Tenement Holding in the Mt Windsor Belt