The primary goal of the company is to deliver prosperity through lean and clever resource development.

To achieve this goal, we intend to acquire and develop a portfolio of operational assets which generate superior financial returns within a 3-5 year timeline. Project acquisition and development thresholds will be based on financial returns rather than physical parameters. Red River has identified a number of target commodities for which we believe the price outlook is positive – underpinned by structural supply/demand imbalances and increasing demand from emerging markets and/or continued advances in the application of new technologies.

Our efforts will be directed towards these commodities, however we will remain open to all opportunities, regardless of commodity, as long as the opportunity meets our financial thresholds.


Red River identified zinc as a target commodity in 2014, and we subsequently acquired the Thalanga Zinc Project in mid 2014.

Our initial focus is to restart production at the Thalanga Zinc Project, then subsequent to production restart, to seek to optimise the Project, by fully utilising the 650ktpa capacity Thalanga Mill and/or extending the Project operational life.

We are driven by the mantra of ‘find more ore’ – be it by extending the life of our known deposits, finding the next generation of deposits at Thalanga through a focused exploration program utilising cutting edge technology and exploration methodology or seeking to acquire or work with the owners of existing projects that can be treated through the Thalanga Mill.


Red River will seek to acquire and develop a portfolio of operational assets, building on the skills and experience gained from Thalanga

  • Target high grade high margin polymetallic base metal / precious metal projects
  • Transform known projects through leveraging our exploration, development and operational management expertise to unlock value


The acquisition of the Thalanga Zinc Project, and the impending restart of production has demonstrated our focus and commitment to Red River’s primary goal of delivering prosperity through lean and clever resource development. We look forward to the continuing to deliver through finding more ore at Thalanga and growing Red River to become a multiple asset mid tier mining company.